MI5 release top secret job posting

MI5 has posted a mystery advert searching for a health and safety chief.

The £60,000 a year job offers those who apply “interesting challenges when it comes to health and safety”

To protect national security, potential applicants are not told much else about the role.

The advert on the website declares:  “We can’t show you the buildings. We can’t talk about the people you’ll work with.

“We can’t tell you much about the job. We can’t give you the exact locations. We can’t mention the kind of technology involved.

“Is it still a risk worth taking?”

However, the advert does reveal one truth about this challenging role at the security service.

It adds “at MI5 you’ll be contributing to protecting the UK from threats to national security including terrorism and espionage.

"Like other large organisations, at MI5 we use a variety of equipment to carry out our work, except here our work is often covert and our equipment classified."

The description says that the job is "London based with some UK travel."

Those with successful online applications will undergo a vetting process before being accepted for the role.

The Home Office says: "The security service works within the law —including health and safety laws — and needs people with a variety of different skills in a wide number of roles."

Image courtesy of Flickr user brava 67

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