Parenting skills are useful in the workplace, research suggests

95% of female professionals with offspring believe that raising children has provided them with unique skills transferable to the workplace, new research suggests.

Results of an executive survey by the Korn/Ferry Institute revealed that the top transferable skills, according to the respondents, are motivating and inspiring others, learning agility and confidence.

However, almost half (45%) of female, corporate executives believe their career growth prospects have been hindered “somewhat” by having children. Eight per cent believe that motherhood has limited their career progression to a “great extent.”

According to the survey, 29% of the female respondents have either postponed (19%) or decided not to have children (10%) based on their careers.

Kathy Woods, Senior Partner at Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, says: “The findings show that parenthood offers a world of training in psychology, time management and diplomacy that can easily be applied to business.”

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Wed, 25 Jul 2012 9:40pm BST
Interesting article! Today, we are seeing a growing trend of women having children later in life - after they have become established in the workforce.

Thanks for sharing,


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