Glasgow Airport commits to staff training with customer charter launch

glasgowfeedbackGlasgow Airport has teamed up with a HR consultancy to launch its customer charter, in a bid to improve customer service at the airport.

Renfrewshire based Rainbow HR worked with Glasgow Airport’s management team to hold a series of staff focus groups with employees to understand what they understood as great service. This formed the basis of the training programme.

To ensure the charter meets the expectations and reflects the opinions of its employees, the airport also produced a customer training video and delivered over 40 customer training sessions to over 280 security and engineering staff.

The charter, which summarises the airport’s commitment to improving the service it provides to its customers, will be rolled out throughout 2012 and will contain a number of key commitments.

The commitments, which have been designed around the customer’s airport journey include being efficient, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in a clean, litter free environment.

As part of the customer charter’s commitment to improving customer service at the airport, a new interactive customer feedback station has been installed in the security hall. The station, which will capture instant feedback from every customer travelling through security, will be the first of its kind for a UK airport.  

Fiona Irvine, Director at Rainbow HR says: “Following the customer survey and the development of the charter, the Airport implemented customer service training which Rainbow HR facilitated. Our job was to ensure staff displayed behaviour in line with the charter’s key commitments which were to be efficient, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in a clean litter free environment.

“Ultimately, the training was designed to educate staff on how their actions could make or break the customer experience and therefore tarnish the airport’s image – and it was effective.”

To enhance the training experience Glasgow Airport and Rainbow HR then went onto to design a DVD, which focused on staff attitudes. The film, which is based on real life customer experiences, showed a good and bad scenario. The DVD followed two passengers from the moment they were dropped off until they boarded the aircraft. While the scripts were identical, the attitudes employed by staff were incredibly different.

Lesley Malcolm, Rainbow HR consultant and training facilitator adds: “The customer experience is greatly influenced by staff attitude. Behaviour influences experience. The DVD encouraged staff to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and understand the impact of poor service on the customers experience within the airport and that this is all down to individual staff attitude in delivering that good or bad service.”

The impact of the training showed a positive shift in the ratio of compliments to complaints with customers reporting 7:1 in favour of their visit.

Following on from the success of the initial customer training programmes, the airport is rolling out its training plan by working with the remaining 4,000 third party employees based at Glasgow International Airport to ensure that every customer at the airport has a great experience no matter who they come into contact with during their visit.

Craig Martin, Head of HR for Glasgow Airport, says: “We are extremely proud of our customer charter and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Rainbow HR for the continued dedication and commitment in helping to develop the charter and for the first class support in the delivery of the employee training too.”

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