Less than 1% of directors at FTSE 50 companies have HR background

Just five of the 595 board directors in FTSE 50 companies have a HR background, new research reveals.

A study by HR recruiter Ortus found that less than one per cent of senior executives of the UK’s largest listed companies have expertise in HR, suggesting that HR professionals are underrepresented at board level in British companies.

Stephen Menko, Director of Ortus, says: “It’s astonishing that while HR directors are pivotal to an organisation’s growth and long-term success, they are almost completely absent at board level in some of the UK’s largest companies.

“Any company is only as good as the people it employs and HR is on the front line when it comes to sourcing, engaging and retaining employees who can take their companies forward. Failure to look after the HR functions of a business have serious consequences, but there is an ongoing sense of prejudice in the UK that HR is less strategic than other support functions.”

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