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Tesco worker faces the sack after getting his haircut
Top 25 work-from-home companies revealed
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The shared path
The importance of a strong company journey
HR Management
Lie Detectors
How deep should you delve into a candidate's past?
Employee Relations
3-day work week will 'increase productivity' says Telecoms tycoon
A three day working week is the key to productivity, according to Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos more ›
Pension reform will 'give people choice'
The Government has announced that millions of savers will receive free independent advice when pension reforms give them complete access to their pension more ›
HR Management
Tesco CEO replaced by Unilever's Lewis after poor sales
For the first time in its history supermarket giant Tesco has appointed someone from outside the company to the position of Chief Executive more ›
HR Management
UK haemorrhaging billions due to an unhealthy workforce
  With a plethora of health and fitness mediums at our fingertips, the nation should surely be in better physical shape today than at any other time in our more ›
#LikeAGirl video has 'bigger impact than any diversity programme'
The recent #LikeAGirl viral video has had a “bigger impact than any organisational inclusion and diversity programme,” according to the Group HR Director of more ›
Compensation & Benefits
Co-op faces backlash over former CEO remuneration
The former Chief Executive of the Co-Operative Group, Euan Sutherland, will receive a £1million payoff, despite leaving the role after just ten more ›
HR Management
  It has been a rambunctiously Mercury rising, hot and humid more ›
Microsoft job cuts far exceed expectations
Microsoft will make the deepest job cuts in its 39-year history with 18,000 positions set to more ›
HR Management
Top 10 professions for work-life balance
If you're looking to achieve the greatest balance between work and play, look no further than the tech more ›
Compensation & Benefits
Sports Direct staff in for huge bonus as Mike Ashley leaves scheme
Record-breaking profits at retail chain Sports Direct has kept its staff on track for a bonus more ›
People Moves
Five minutes with: BSI's new Global Head of People Development
Business services provider BSI (British Standards Institution) new Global Head of People Development Chadi Moussa speaks exclusively to HR more ›
People Moves
University of Cambridge appoint Director of Human Resources
The University of Cambridge has appointed a new Director of Human more ›
People Moves
New Homebase HR Director announced
Homebase have appointed a new HR more ›
People Moves
Sonos make CHRO appointment
Wireless speaker company Sonos have appointed a new more ›
Employee Relations
Bosses have 'no admirable qualities' say one in eight workers
Being disorganised, failing to motivate staff and not caring about employees’ career progression are managerial traits which leave one in eight workers with nothing to admire about their more ›
Recruitment Campaigns
Celebrity first jobs revealed in youth employment drive
The glamorous lives’ of the rich and famous are a world away for most of more ›
Employment levels at 43 year high
The employment rate has hit record levels at more ›
Learning & Development
Putting staff through training 'not enough'
Simply training staff without regular, structured follow up is not enough and will see employees losing the knowledge they have more ›
Employee Relations
60% check work emails on holiday
Whilst many of us daydream of ‘switching off’ when we switch the Out of Office autoreply on, a new report has shown that more than half of Britons admit to checking their emails while away on more ›
HR Management
Older workers' champion to ensure skills don't go to waste
In a bid to boost the number of over-50s in the workforce the Government has announced the appointment of Business Champion for Older more ›
UK attractive place to work but Brits look overseas for jobs
Research has shown that 9% of people looking for jobs in Britain are conducting their hunt from a foreign country with the UK ranking as high as third most more ›
Employment Law & Risk
Chemical burns border staff: victims suing Government
  250 border guards are suing the Government following claims they have suffered unbearable skin conditions including sore rashes and chemical style burns from new uniforms that were issued to them in March this more ›
Thor: Marvel's newest strong female character
  While many saw David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle yesterday as a positive step towards gender equality, Marvel Comics has struck a real hammer-blow for the cause after announcing superhero Thor is to become a more ›
Google 1-hour offers to stop Facebook poaching staff
Newly disclosed emails have revealed that Google attempted to stop Facebook from poaching its staff by making counter offers within one hour – seemingly out of line with the company’s “equal pay for equal performance” more ›
HR Management
21% of managers looking for 'greener pastures'
Lack of appreciation in the work place has left one in five managers looking for work elsewhere, according to research from global management consulting firm Hay more ›
PM's reshuffle 'fantastic' for gender diversity
David Cameron revealed his new look cabinet this morning following the unexpected departure of William Hague as Foreign more ›
HR Management
Is the reshuffle succession planning in action?
While today’s cabinet reshuffle has been widely seen as striking a blow for diversity with several women appointed to David Cameron’s inner circle – how does it compare to the succession of other big organisations? When appointing senior executives companies can spend years making sure they have the right candidate in place to match the skills and culture more ›
Women bishops: 2000 years of inequality overturned
  It was a jubilant and historic victory for women of the cloth yesterday as the Church of England voted overwhelmingly in favour of proposed legislation to appoint female more ›
Job seekers don't have to be job sneakers
In a time not so long ago, sneaking off to have a job interview with potential employers while still at work was like putting your house on England to win a competitive penalty shootout – you just didn’t do more ›
Microsoft faces biggest jobs cull in five years
  Microsoft is this week expected to announce its biggest cull of staff in five years in an attempt to streamline the more ›
Learning & Development
L&D lessons from sport
Elite sports people have lessons to teach L&D professionals, according to the Managing Director of Knowledge Pool, Al more ›
Met Police to only recruit Londoners
It has been announced that the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) will now exclusively recruit from London in order to fill ranks of new police more ›
HR Management
HR lessons from the World Cup
Well, it’s all over for another four years and the World Cup lived up to Gary Lineker’s famous quote: “Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always more ›
Executives paid 180 times more than the average worker
  Executive pay has tripled since the 1990s to produce a wage gap which is more than 180 times that of the average more ›
HR Management
'Homophobic interrogation' leads to official's suspension
A passport official has been suspended by the Home Office after she allegedly subjected a gay father to an interrogation about his sexual history in front of the man’s four-year-old more ›
HR Management
Managers urged to turn down meetings
A study has emerged with news that at least 43% of executives never decline meetings, although most could be considered as more ›
Employee Relations
Tesco poaches M&S CFO
M&S Chief Executive Marc Bolland faced a further blow following this week’s shareholder backlash, as Chief Financial Officer Alan Stewart announced his departure from the troubled company to join more ›
HR Technology
Are hologram and drone assistants the future of the office?
  It might sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie but hologram virtual assistants attending meetings for us and augmented reality glasses that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Star Trek could well be part of our working life if new research is anything to go more ›
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