The Magic of HR

The key to achieving is to get people believing.

The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London, EC1Y 4SD

If there’s one thing business leaders can be certain of, it’s uncertainty. The world is continuously changing and businesses are constantly having to adapt to new ways of working.

The rate of change may seem unmanageable, but it is the magic of HR that will enable businesses to achieve the impossible. Whether that’s in delivering performance through people, or ensuring that the workforce is agile and adaptable enough to navigate the changing environment.

In such a fast-moving world, HR needs to empower leaders, anticipate the future and inspire an entire workforce in order to allow for successful transformations.

On 16th March 2017, HR Grapevine will unveil a unique line-up of Board Executives and HR Directors to reflect upon the magic of the people function and how the key to achieving is to get people believing. Whether that’s fostering a belief across the entire workforce that the business can accomplish the impossible, or getting those at the top to believe in the importance of the people agenda and its power to transform.

Although this may all seem like the supernatural, HR’s abilities are founded in astute strategic planning and can be adopted by any practitioner – not just the blessed few.

And so 400 senior HR professionals will attend our annual event to seek inspiration, take part in lively debates and network during the bustling breaks. Then there is lunch, where the HR Grapevine sparkle really comes into its own, but you will need to come along and discover for yourself what magic we have in store for you this year…

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