Ryanair CEO seeks candidate for 'worst job in Ireland'

Ryanair CEO seeks candidate for 'worst job in Ireland'

A job advert for the ‘worst job in Ireland’ has been posted on Ryanair’s website.

The role is for an Assistant to Ryanair’s CEO loose-talking Michael O'Leary; an individual who has previously said he keeps employees motivated with fear – The Telegraph reports.

General accountancy tasks are listed in the job description, alongside other, more niche, skills such as “general drudgery” and “MOL-ly coddling”.

The following attributes are required; “thick skin, saint-like patience, aversion to bolloxology, own collection of nursery rhymes/bedtime stories, ability to operate without sleep or contact with the outside world, (ego) massage qualifications.”

The advert adds: “Dubs fans, [Manchester United] supporters, and cyclists will not only be automatically excluded from the process, but will be tracked down, tortured, and shot.”

O’Leary has previously been critical of his own company’s recruitment process - “We all employ some lazy ******* who needs a kick up the backside. But no one can bring themselves to admit it” – so it is hoped that he is much more thorough this time.

The role will be based in Dublin. The salary is not mentioned. 


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