Girl adorably explains her Dad's job

Girl adorably explains her Dad's job

What does your job look like to a child? The daughter of one employee attempts to explain what her father does for a living, with some confusing results.

Lillie claims that she doesn’t think her father “really has fun at work, because when he comes home he sweats and stuff.” Her Dad, Ben Dalton-Brush, is a Construction Manager in New York City; a role he says that he took for the challenges.

He says that “the thing that drew [me] to it is that it is non-stop problem solving,” however, Lille claims that her father just “builds a lot.”

Lillie goes on to hand her father blueprints to a bag she had designed and made out of plasticine, as Ben claims that he enjoys taking his daughter to work.

“Sometimes she would come to work and take a box of crayons and I’d let her draw all over an old set of blueprints. And then I’d think, hey, that’s really not that far off.”

However, whilst Lille seems to grasp the fact that “blueprints are papers for planning,” she doesn’t have any idea why they are blue. 


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