500,000 applicants investigated in London 2012 security operation

Up to 500,000 people seeking employment at the Olympic Games are being investigated through security screening.

The screening is in a bid to prevent the Games being disrupted by criminals or terrorists, the Guardian reports. It includes anyone seeking employment for the Olympics, including athletes, coaches and officials.

So far, the Home Office has reportedly refused about 100 applications for Games accreditation, which are mainly due to the extent of people’s criminal records.

The process began last October, and is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

The 10,000 security guards who will be employed by G4S are among those still to be screened.

A Home Office spokesman told The Guardian: "We are undertaking stringent checks on all those seeking accreditation.

"This rigorous process has been designed to ensure those working at the Games are fit to do so. We will leave nothing to chance in our aim to deliver a safe and secure Games that London, the UK and the whole world will enjoy."

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