Nearly half of workers think they could do a better job than their manager

Nearly half of employees (43%) believe they are better people managers than their own boss, new research suggests.

In a survey of 500 employees working in HR, employee survey firm ETS found that nearly a quarter of respondents (23%) thought that management standards are getting worse. A further 22% don’t think their manager has adequate people management skills.

When asked to highlight what single thing would improve the quality of management where they work, 45% of employees surveyed picked clear, honest communication from managers.

Hannah Stratford, Head of Business Psychology at ETS, says: “Line managers play a crucial role in the success of any business by driving the performance level of teams. One problem is that often high-performers are promoted into management positions without the skills, desire or support to manage a team.

“Communication skills and the ability to provide constructive feedback are widely recognised as key development areas for managers. Companies that fully understand the important of a manager’s role in driving performance prioritise training and development to help managers be more effective.”


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