Thousands of McDonald’s employees receive national qualifications

Thousands of McDonald’s employees receive national qualifications

mcdonaldsOver 13,800 staff at the fast-food chain have been awarded nationally recognised qualifications over the last six years.

McDonald’s started awarding qualifications to its staff in 2006 and has announced these statistics in celebration of Adult Learners’ Week. Since 2006, almost 2,500 adult learners have achieved Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy qualifications.

The organisation also revealed that nearly a quarter of McDonald’s adult learners who have gone on to complete an apprenticeship had few or no qualifications when they joined the business.

“Employees of all ages at McDonald’s have the chance to study towards nationally-recognised qualifications while they work,” says Jez Langhorn, Vice President, People, McDonald’s UK.

“Our people value the chance to gain transferable skills, experience and a recognised qualification that will help them develop in their careers, no matter where they work. They can also share their improved confidence and skills outside of work, whether it’s by adding a qualification to their CV, or feeling more confident to help their children with their homework or read them a bedtime story.”  

Vincent Belliveau, General Manager EMEA at Cornerstone OnDemand, emphasises that Adult Learners' Week highlights the importance of continuous learning and development opportunities for staff.

He says: "From an organisational perspective, continuous learning and development has never been more important. With an average adult having anything between five and ten jobs during their lifespan, ensuring that their skills and knowledge are tracked, matching both the style and the content of the learning experience to that person – as well as mapping this into organisational goals - has never been more crucial."

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