HR Directors offer remote working to save top talent

Almost three quarters of UK HR directors are offering incentives in a bid to retain top performing employees, new research suggests.

In a worldwide survey of 1,800 HR directors, recruitment agency OfficeTeam found that 72% of UK HRDs are offering benefits other than financial remuneration in order to keep employees from finding new roles elsewhere.

Four in ten (38%) HR directors in the UK are offering or planning to offer flexible working hours to employees, compared to 28% in Continental Europe, and 15% in Asia.

Phil Booth, Director, OfficeTeam, says: “Retaining top performers is often a pivotal element in a company’s growth strategy, however, during uncertain economic times when additional financial rewards are limited, companies need to be able to offer alternative incentives to top performers. 

“Companies need to focus on aspects of the work-life environment that are important to employees, such as telecommuting and flexible working. Technological advancements continue to make it easier to work remotely.  More companies are embracing flexible working arrangements as a cost-effective way to motivate, reward and retain valuable staff members.”

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