One in five employees willing to miss work to watch the Olympics

Employees are facing difficult decisions regarding disciplinary measures for staff, as one in five employees are willing to skip work to watch the Olympics, new research suggests.

Research from SunGard Availability Services implies that a fifth (21%) of staff in the UK would take unauthorised time out of the workplace to watch a live event, with this figure rising to over one in three (34%) for employees in London.

Despite the information, over a third (38%) of employers in UK organisations admit that they will not, or are unsure as to whether or not they will, discipline staff if they take unauthorised leave during this summer’s Games.

Keith Tilley, UK&I Managing Director, SunGard Availability Services, says: “Keeping workers content is the number one priority to encourage productivity and ensure business continues as usual. Simple actions such as installing communal TVs and allowing employees time to view high profile events will help ensure businesses remain productive.

“Today’s technologies mean companies have more resources at their disposal than ever before to keep things going, so there’s no need for staff or the business to miss out. Communication is the key factor in planning for any disruption.”

Talent Measurement company SHL suggests key strategies to have in place to minimise disruption to employees, customers and suppliers during the Olympics. These include plans for employees to work from home if their route to work is restricted, the provision of alternative car parking arrangements and ensuring the implementation of an internal communications policy.

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