The majority of UK workers will look for new jobs this year

Two separate studies have shown that job satisfaction is low and workers are looking for new jobs.

The Kelly Global Workforce Index shows that three quarters of UK workers intend to search for a job with another company in the next year – this figure was higher among ‘Baby Boomers’ (81%).

Andrew Cook, general manager UK and Ireland, Kelly Services, says: “Employees have experienced unprecedented economic turmoil and as a result are seriously questioning their career goals. We have seen a general negativity in people’s outlook towards their current jobs and a startling restlessness across all ages and experience levels.”

In support of this, Monster’s global poll found that 62% of UK respondents were considering a switch in their career due to economic troubles. Just nine per cent of those in the UK said that their career hasn’t been impacted by the economy.

Charles Purdy, career expert,, says: “There are many kinds of career change -- some people may be making a career ‘side-step,’ moving into a new kind of role within their current industry; others may be making a more radical change.”

While the economy is one reason for job dissatisfaction, another appears to be a sense of purpose. Kelly Services’ Index found that only 35% of workers feel that they have a sense of purpose or are valued. The ability to ‘excel and develop’ is identified by over three quarters (77%) of people as the key to providing this sense of meaning.

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